Tasty Mission:

This life style blog is about of positivity, growth, and real life. I want to create a safe space for anyone seeking to better themselves.

Take the journey with me to explore topics like physical health, mental health, fitness, workout regimes, and along the way we will make some tasty gainz!

I will post weekly delicious, healthy recipes and easy to prep meals along with a real life topic.

A Little About Me

I'm a 20 something, trying to be healthy, hoping to live life to the fullest, not be an asshole type of person.

I have lots of flaws and lots of rolls currently, I am 5ā€™ 5ā€ and 188lbs. But Iā€™m on my way to losing those rolls and improving some of those personality flaws. I have fifty pounds to lose (I have already lost 7lbs on my weight loss journey!!) and crippling anxiety to overcome.

Join me on this journey if you dare!


Girl with a bit too much junk in her trunk (currently)